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Mancini Properties - We help you rent out your property when you are not there

Our Mission

To enable high quality rental service for property owners and maintain a high occupancy rate at premium price.

Our services

  • We care for professional styling and photography

  • Hight quality rental furniture

  • Storage of your furniture during rental period

  • Professional cleaning before and after every rental

  • We find and take care of tenants

  • Full insurance to cover every situation

  • You receive payment according to your schedule

  • Help with tax implications

  • Economic guidance

What Mancini offers

We offer a full service, top of class, rental service in Algarve, Portugal. The service lets you as a property owner feel secure and relaxed while we style, take care of, and rent out your property.

We facilitate the service for short-term and long-term lease. Perhaps you just want to rent out during summer season, or you have a property to rent out all year round? In both cases Mancini is the right partner for you.

We make sure your apartment looks and feels that same after the rental period. This is done with thorough documentation of the apartment before carefully removing all your personal items, including furniture, so that we can restore the apartment as it was before.

Through our many channels we are able to find tenants and facilitate the whole deal, from contract to cleaning service.

Go ahead and let us know that you are interested in hearing more.

"Fabulous place for a small group or a couple people. Everything is beautiful and new, clean and lovely beds and stylish touches. Would recommend anyone to stay here when in Portugal!" /Cassidy


Algarve is the southernmost region in Portugal. Dutring the 12-centure the region constituted its own kingdom and from Afonse the III the Portuguese kings hade the title "King of Portugal and Algarve".

Cities like Faro, Loulé, Albufeira, Lagos, Lagoa, Portimão, Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António are located in the region. The regions administrative center is found in Faro, as is the international airport. The region is divided into 16 municipalities and three districts. The major part of the eastern border stretches along the river Guadiana. The total lenght of Algarves coastline is 155 km.

Algarve has an areal of 4 999 km² and around 395 000 inhabitants. During the summer this number rises to over one miljon, with the larger part being tourists. The tourists comes primarly for the beaches, the Mediterranean climate, the low cost of living, and of course the food and wine.

Letting in Portugal

Portugal is know for many things, including its beaches but also it tax emeptions for pensioners. These are two of the many reasons pensioners decide to live in Portugal. But if you are only living in Portugal during the winter season, you may take advantage of the many possibilites to get extra income by renting out your property.

Portugal attracts tourists during the summer season from all European countries as well as non-European. Short-term rentals are thus very popular and might for you be very profitable.

Real estate prices in Portugal are still very attractive compared to other European countries.

A two-bedroom apartment in the region of Algarve with one or two balconies can easily be rented out for 150-300 Euros per night.