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Buy-to-let before you move in

Becoming an expat and moving to Portugal is more than a dream for many, it can become your reality. With tax exemption from income tax for pensioners for 10 years, a 20% tax ceiling on income from work, and a lower living cost than in most other western European countries. Why wouldn’t you want to move to Portugal?

The great rental possibilities in Portugal may just be the thing that enables you to make your step towards moving.

There are several reasons for having the possibility to rent out when you look at buying your home in Portugal. Perhaps it enables you to live in Portugal during the winter season and make some extra income during the summer, or you may want to rent out your newly bought home but have the possibility to live there when you choose.

Where to make your home

The final decision on where to buy your home should always be based on your preferences on where you want to live. But considering the rental possibilities, vacation rental is especially profitable in tourist areas of Portugal where Quarteira stands out. Quarteira attracts tourist from all European countries as well as outside of Europe, and they come all year around.

For the best experience and to get advice on how to make your dream a possibility we always recommend getting in contact with a real estate professional. They will be able to help you with search of properties, suggest different regions depending on your preferences, help with administration and legal services, and just be a great support.

When it comes to real estate professionals, we recommend you to contact Casaiberia for excellent service throughout the whole process. You can find their contact details at

We wish you the best of luck making your dream come true.